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          United in One Heart

          At Ursuline Academy, we believe that appreciating and learning from people with different perspectives is how we build a better world. For many girls, Ursuline can be the first place they meet people with different backgrounds, beliefs and talents. We celebrate girls for who they are and elevate their confidence to influence the world.

          In doing so and in light of the recent fatal arrest of George Floyd, we stand with our Ursuline Sisters to "address this issue with purpose."

          Public Statement of the Roman Union Ursulines of the United States - Fatal Arrest of George Floyd

          The video of the police brutality against George Floyd brings to focus again the reality that as a nation we have the urgent task of seeking justice and equality for the people of color in America.

          As Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union of the United States we urge lawmakers to address systemic, race-based injustice. We add our voices to all who plead for societal changes in every facet of our life where racial inequality is condoned. It is time to address this issue with purpose.

          "No one can say anymore, 'This does not concern me.' Imitate Christ by becoming neighbor to every man, and woman." - Pope Francis to Ursulines

          Roman Union Ursulines of the United States - May 30, 2020

          In her final words, St. Angela Merici urged us to "live in harmony, united together, all of one heart and one will and to "be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other, bearing with each other in Jesus Christ." These words could not be more true during these troubling times that are sweeping our nation.

          As educators in this 21st century, we stand by our faculty, staff, students, families and alumnae. Together we promise to learn from each other, celebrate each other and raise each other up. We will continue to nurture and educate young women to be trailblazers and peacemakers of their time - encouraging them to stand up and stand out.

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